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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I love making whatever random stuff that comes to mind. I have about 7 years of experience in graphics design & photo manipulation artwork.



Archie - Your Life by KibbieTheGreat

So at the beginning of 2015 I got poked by Archie to lend him a hand on some cover artwork. He is a cool dude to work with and he has a lot of passion for his craft. He wanted me to make some more artwork for him, but at the time he was having issues with his label that he was with. It's all good though, I had told him eventually when I get some more downtime and the time is right with him again that I'd be more than willing to work with him again. He was cool enough to even let me name one of his later tracks "Main Street" since I was giving him feedback throughout a majority of that track whilst he was producing it. 

Garnika - Generic Banner by KibbieTheGreat

I also lent a hand to Garnika on some promotional artwork as well in the spring. I've been friends with Garnika for quite awhile, so making stuff for him is always fun! I'm really proud of this dude and how far he has come over the last year. He has a lot of passion for his craft and is slowly beginning to make it in the EDM/DJ scene. Probably the most fun thing to work with him on this year was Club Luna again, but I'll go into more detail on that later.

The Spring

Pretty much everything after this was when I started to become a lot more quiet, at least on deviant art, with uploading stuff like crazy. So Fall of 2014 I was taken into the BronyCon Design Team and they had gotten me back into Illustrator for the first time in ages. Being around so many talented people on a weekly basis making kickass art made me feel like I should step my game up a little more as well. Over the course of a majority of 2015 I picked up drawing. Now still to this day I can't say it's the best, hence why you probably haven't seen many of my drawings yet. It started out with making fake cities and just some background artwork which eventually progressed into making characters for said backgrounds. I ended up getting really experimental with it under a different alias I was using on behance for awhile. It was definitely a different medium than I was normally used to with just mostly using Photoshop for years to make photomanipulations or some logo designs. While I can't name everyone who helped me with lots of tips and advice I can say that a majority of it came from my friends on the BronyCon Design Team. There were quite a lot of people who give me tips outside of that staff and I'm still thankful for it, but the people I work with at BronyCon basically taught me from the ground up with it. Present day now, my drawing is still progressing but just not as fast as it had in 2015. Most of that is due to not having as much free time lately and just because I'm probably too hard on myself to upload something I consider imperfect. I'm on the fence right now of making a new tumblr blog or something where I just share random sketches to get me pushed back into drawing more and not necessarily being afraid of uploading something that looks bad. I'll more than likely upload another journal here if I end up doing that!

The Summer

Shirts now up for sale on TeePublic! by KibbieTheGreat

Ohh man Summer was pretty crazy this year. I ended up opening up a shop on teepublic and uploaded a few shirt designs. It was an easy outlet for me to share something that I regularly do outside of the pony fandom with my freelance work. I never got around to making more after those few, but I'll probably end up adding some new designs to it soon! 

Sleepy Kibbie by KibbieTheGreat

BronyCon 2015

Now I won't retype out the entirety of my fun experience at this con, since I already typed it out in an already existing journal down below.

BronyCon 2015 ReviewDamn son, where'd you get all these horses from?
So, I had an awesome time at BronyCon 2015! This convention was hella fun and I saw a lot of my friends/fans in Baltimore. Signing up to work with the BronyCon Design Team has probably been one of, if not, the best group I've worked with to date in this fandom. 
So I think I'll talk a little bit about the Design Team first, since that's where my journey started with this year's BronyCon. It's this little branch of their massive staff that is composed of 12 members, all who are absolutely amazing with art/design/coding. I had made wallpapers for the previous few BronyCon's, but it wasn't until I went last year and was pressured by a bunch of musicians and friends to apply to their staff. I was really nervous, cause I was going into a staff that for the most part required drawing the convention mascots in various scenes. I slapped together a fandom portfolio of all the groups I had worked with in this fand

I will talk a little more about my vending experience though since that was something I don't think I really touched on much. 

KibbieTheGreat @ BronyCon 2015 by KibbieTheGreat

So obviously I had picked up drawing early in 2015. A few of my friends on the BronyCon staff had pestered me about trying my hand at vending for the first time. Not gonna lie, I actually turned them down at least 3 or 4 times before finally saying yes. I had just picked up drawing with the applications were open and I honestly wasn't even sure if people would buy my stuff at the time. So I had tossed together a demo of the poster series I ended up making and sent it off to see how some of the staff and a few of my close friends felt about it. Needless to say the response from everyone was a resounding "HOLY SHIT I WANT THIS" sort of deal. Now while I wouldn't recommend to someone to never ever pick up drawing in about 3-4 months, fart out 6 posters, and make some promo art advertising that you'll be vending at the biggest pony convention in the world, it was quite fun. I'm still not entirely happy with how some of the posters turned out, but I ended up making all the posters within like a week and the prints arrived like a few days before the convention happened haha. The worst part is I really didn't advertise it much until shortly before the convention, in the above image that it probably the only thing I really put out there. I sketched out my oc last minute waving and tossed it on the vendor map with a preview of my posters and uploaded it here and on twitter and sorta called it a day. I wasn't sure I was gonna make a lot of money off of the table and going into the con I remember telling vendor relations that I'd be happy if I broke even. If anything I was just more looking forward to meeting some fans in person and letting them get their hands on some exclusive art. Well, I ended up selling out of prints at the convention lmao. I was selling so much the first day that I literally had nearby friends throwing their shoes at me to sell my posters for higher prices so I wouldn't sell out in the first day haha. So yeah I might not have sold as large of a quantity as some other vendors in that hall, but hey I was selling mine for at least like 2 times the amount they were selling posters for at those dimension sizes. It was a very good thing too, a majority of those profits went towards paying off two semesters of my college and it even paid for my plane ticket to Baltimore! Still to this day I can't thank everyone enough for those who stopped by and bought a print. Really the only thing I can give them a little extra is that I made those posters exclusively for BronyCon 2015 and I won't make them for another convention again. If they are ever to resurface, they will go to a charity auction with an unreleased Celestia and Luna variant of that series that I actually haven't shared to anyone except two people in the world. 

Equestria LA 2015

So one thing I just now realized I forgot to upload here was my experience at Equestria LA this year. The Summer was a pretty big blur for me since Equestria LA happened about a month after BronyCon did. I really didn't have much downtime in between. So I'll sorta talk lightly about some art I made for them and a few other things as well.

I've been in the works with Equestria LA 2015 for quite awhile now. The two girls who brought it back actually ended up initially bringing it up to me while I was at BronyCon 2014. It was a little different for me though, mostly cause they were the first convention that initially asked me to do something besides just artwork for once. They wanted me work with Garnika on running the rave/live music at their con. I was totally down for it since Garnika is a cool dude to work with and I already had plenty of experiences with musicians in the pony fandom anyway. I still did some artwork for them here and there, like the first announcement of them returning as seen above. This con was rather different to work with overall though. A majority of that reason was due to the fact that a majority of that staff all lived local and I was close friends with a majority of them. The other point being that they wanted to be a "My Little Pony Fan Convention" and not just a "Brony Convention". Now before that goes and rustles any jimmies, its totally not in the way that some people think. The girl who ended up taking over the con, and ultimately making it a hell of a lot better, has been a fan of My Little Pony since the earlier generations before G4. She has a huge MLP toy collection and she attends My Little Pony Toy Conventions with fans that have been fans of MLP since wayyyy before the Brony fandom. It was cool, because this con was geared more towards being a lot more about family fun and a lot of fun for the kids, the actual show demographic. We still had all the same stuff a Brony convention would have, just with other little things like bringing in the original creator of My Little Pony to talk about some of the original stuff. The only struggle I had with it was that we couldn't use anything that looked too close to the show style artwork for any promotional art. Other than that, it was an extremely fun little convention that ended up getting a whole lot more attendees than we had originally thought. I'll toss a few different art pieces down below of just a few things I did artwise for them. I don't really upload much convention art anymore as standalone uploads here on deviant art mostly cause I wanna give it to them for their own promotional purposes on their social media accounts.

Here's the sponsor shirt I made for them. It was a lot of fun to draw out then bring it into Illustrator to refine it a lot more. Still wish it could have had color, but it still looks good in black and white.

This was one of the signs I helped with that was used for the vendor hall. 

Beverly Hooves - EQLA 2015 TSSSF Exclusive by KibbieTheGreat

Then, probably the most fun thing to work on, the shipfic card I drew out for them. My horse is a sucker for cute blondes.

But yeah, overall it was a solid con. 

Everything after EQLA was basically a blur for me as well. Between school and work over the last few months of 2015 I really only had around like 20-40 minutes of time to myself each day. It really did take a punch out of my art as well. I realized that when I sat down over winter break and noticed how rusty I had gotten. That brings me into what I plan on doing in 2016. 

In ways I sorta feel mixed about 2015. I did make some more leaps as an artist, but I didn't really share much with all you peeps here on deviant art. Both work and school took a huge chunk out of my free time in 2015 and that is basically what a majority of my year was. It was still okay though considering that I finished up an associates degree this year and I'm now shopping around trying to decide on what 4 year university to transfer to. 

Looking onward to 2016

2016 is gonna be a little different for me. I have recently finished up a few pony wallpapers, as seen in one of the above screenshots. I'd like to add my own drawings to them though rather than just use show vectors like I usually used before. Pushing myself to do that will probably push me to draw more again, as I'm not really looking into joining many fandom projects in the new year. Really the only thing I'm tied to is BronyCon and I haven't really been doing a whole lot for them lately anyway. Recently, as some of my twitter followers may have read, I closed out all of my other aliases I had been doing for art. Most of it was just because I cut back and I'm not gonna be doing much freelance artwork anymore due to time constraints. The other part was mostly because I was tired of trying to keep a "non-fandom" alias going outside of this one and trying to keep two different small fanbases happy. I'm not trying to really please anyone with my freelance work as of right now anyway, so it just sorta seemed right to slim all my art back to this one alias. Now while that does mean I'll have more time to draw horses doing dumb things, I will from time to time upload something a little different. Obviously I'm gonna try my hand at releasing some new wallpapers again for the first time in ages and it won't be as often as I used to upload them. I'm gonna try to make a few new shirt designs for my TeePublic shop since people are still buying the old ones and seem to be happy with em. Really the only thing I might be doing out of the norm this year is making a few stupid videos on YouTube. For those who don't know, I did this stupid thing awhile back in 2015 called "Brownies React" with a few close friends. People have always bothered me to do something like that ever since I did a few episode reviews wayyyyy back in the day on Everfree Network. For whatever odd reason people like to hear my smartass comments on twitter on episodes when I watch them and the occasional other stupid things I comment on. My twitter is a horrible place, I still don't know why so many people follow it haha. It's like a live journal of my life mixed in with horrible jokes and stupid memes. 

I guess there might be some entertainment value? Regardless, we're having fun making those stupid Brownies React things and might expand upon mostly for our own entertainment value. Really we don't even care if it gets just 100 views, we have more fun making stupid videos like that haha. So whenever my shitty microphone from asia decides to show up, my twitter followers will probably hear more about new stupid review videos. 

Other than that, thanks to everyone who still watches me here on deviant art. Thanks to any of my twitter/tumblr followers who took the time to read this. Thanks to all the artists on the BronyCon Design team, to all my friends who worked with me on the Equestria LA staff, thanks to the Brownies React crew for making me laugh when I needed to get my mind off of shit, and thanks to everyone who gave me a lot of advice on drawing this year. You all know who you are I'm just too lazy to type out that many names.


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