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I love making whatever random stuff that comes to mind. I have about 7 years of experience in graphics design & photo manipulation artwork.


Damn son, where'd you get all these horses from?

So, I had an awesome time at BronyCon 2015! This convention was hella fun and I saw a lot of my friends/fans in Baltimore. Signing up to work with the BronyCon Design Team has probably been one of, if not, the best group I've worked with to date in this fandom. 

So I think I'll talk a little bit about the Design Team first, since that's where my journey started with this year's BronyCon. It's this little branch of their massive staff that is composed of 12 members, all who are absolutely amazing with art/design/coding. I had made wallpapers for the previous few BronyCon's, but it wasn't until I went last year and was pressured by a bunch of musicians and friends to apply to their staff. I was really nervous, cause I was going into a staff that for the most part required drawing the convention mascots in various scenes. I slapped together a fandom portfolio of all the groups I had worked with in this fandom and a couple of my personal favorite art pieces. They fell in love with it and decided to take me on. As the months went on, they taught me an absurd amount of stuff. The head of design got me back into using Adobe Illustrator for the first time in ages, I learned a lot about branding, and a couple of the artists basically trained me in house on how to draw ponies. For my fans that followed me for awhile, you'll probably know that my art was getting stale earlier last year and I was having problems with numerous art blocks. They are a fantastic group of men and women that I'm proud to say I worked with, and I probably would not have grown as much as an artist this last year without them. 

Heading out to Baltimore on a 2600 mile journey

Flying is really fun, only downside is that I work overnights so I had to catch a redeye flight. I snapped a couple of pictures as I flew out of California. I'd say the most boring part was having a 3 hour layover in Phoenix. 

It was literally the most boring ass layover ever. All their bars served nothing but shitty ass "Bud Light" and I got yelled at by security for skating on one of the walking escalator things. It was pretty cool when I did fly out of Phoenix at around midnight though, got to watch thunderstorms across America in the middle of the night and saw all sorts of cool flashes and junk. 

Arriving in Baltimore at 7am

So landing in Baltimore felt like landing in a different world. We're in a huge drought out where I live, so seeing all sorts of green plants and lakes/rivers everywhere was weird. When I picked up my bags from the baggage claim I finally starting seeing a lot of the hard work that me and my friends had put into signage that was put throughout Baltimore. Riding the light rail was slow and boring, but I did get to watch a homeless guy lick his arm like a cat the entire way. 

After 2600+ miles I had finally arrived at the giant triangular built convention center that I hadn't seen in a year. I was able to check into my hotel room where some dinguses had met up with me. 

Getting dunkin' donuts with JakeWhyman, TheLightLeavesThee, and DeLoop was fun. I'm deprived of their glorious coffee and donuts since there's none of these donut shops near me. 

Registration and badge pickup

Registration was fairly easy from what I had seen. The Design Team even gave me a title without telling me I had one. Most of the rest of that day involved me meeting up with some of the Design Team members for the first time in person. Helped em set up a light of signs in the convention center and they showed me a lot of Baltimore City while running around to local print shops. 

Most of the rest of the day after that involved hanging out with BronyCon staff and trying some of their local foods. 

Vending at BronyCon 2015

Vending was definitely an experience at BronyCon. Probably because it was my first time ever vending at any convention. After I had picked up drawing some more, some of my friends had kept poking asking if I would finally try my hand at selling some art. I was absolutely amazed at how crazy went over the six different prints I had made. Going into this convention, I was extremely nervous and worried that none of my prints would sell since my usual art isn't what you'd see from the average person selling art prints at a pony convention. When I went into drawing some of the mane six out for posters, I decided to turn an old mobile phone wallpaper I made last summer into a full series. There were people of all ages flocking to my table to buy up prints, and it was fun to talk to each and everyone of em. I even had a few show staff members drop by and compliment me on my art. Probably the best thing that happened was on Saturday when a little kid no older than the age of 8 at least walked up to my table. This little dude was dressed up as Rainbow Dash and he wanted to buy a Pinkie Pie print and a Rainbow Dash print from me, but he got sad when his mom had said he only had enough for one. I ended up asking him what his favorite character was and he talked about Rainbow Dash for at least 5 minutes. It was great to see his face light up when I told him he could take both prints for no charge. He ended up jumping up and down like crazy and said "THANK YOU" at least 100 times haha. 

Sales went extremely well. I was told by a few staff members that I was somewhere in the top 10 for most sales overall for art prints out of all the other vendors. You all rock, cause you basically helped me pay for my entire fall semester of college!

The rest of the con experience

Along with vending, the rest of the convention was fun. It was cool seeing how many people loved one of the room signs I had made in the convention center. 

One of the nights I was there we had gotten all of the Design Team members that were able to attend the convention together for a dinner. Lots of memories of the last year were shared, and lots of good times were had!

One of the nights, a few people on the Design Team had taught me how to play that silly Twilight Sparkles Secret Shipfic Folder game. Was probably best I figure out how to play, since they snuck me into one of the cards in the BronyCon expansion deck. 

When I wasn't hanging out with artists, I was hanging out with a lot of the musicians that were there that I knew. Lots of shenanigans happened with Foozogz and 7th Element.

Probably the best moment at Brony Palooza was being asked by the girl running Brony Palooza told me to run out on stage and make sure that Garnika wouldn't break his skull open from trying to crowd surf. Needless to say, it was a successful crowd surf. 

Since he was safe, I shared with him my vast knowledge of memes. 

It was fun getting to hang with all you dudes though! You all know who you are, and you all know there's an inner "sus" in all of us. Thanks again for letting me tag along with you guys on Sunday when everyone was fucking tired and hungover haha.

BronyCon overall

The convention overall was amazing. It's obvious that new convention is perfect, and BronyCon had a few small hiccups. But holy shit, I can say this pony convention was damn near perfect. They ended up hitting a little over 10,000 attendees, and became the first My Little Pony fan convention to hit the 5 digit number range. The staff was great, the panels were fun, the music was awesome, and the vendor hall had an amazing selection of stuff to look at. I rate it horse/1O would probably horse again.

Now I just gotta figure out what to do with all this BronyCon swag......

P.S. I still can't believe TheLightLeavesThee is fucking dead

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Hello Kibbie, I just can to say I really love the concept in your pony vectors, wallpapers.You have a really great talent, But keep up the great work !
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